July 13, 2020
You’ve likely heard of analysts using letters of the alphabet to describe the potential paths for Canada’s ...
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June 10, 2020
CMHC Makes Policy Changes – Genworth & Canada Guaranty Stay Put It came as a surprise to many mortgage ...
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May 15, 2020
As we move into Spring, and as provinces across the country begin easing restrictions, The Canadian ...
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Mortgage Professionals
Mortgage Professionals are shown in alphabetical order, sorted by the last name.
Erin Anderson Phone: 306-201-5374
Email:    erin.anderson@mortgagegroup.com
Website: http://www.prairiemortgages.com
Ryan Boughen Phone: 306-570-3379
Email:    ryan@ryanboughen.ca
Website: http://www.ryanboughen.ca
Elanna Brennand Phone: 306-596-3395
Email:    elanna.brennand@mortgagegroup.com
Website: http://elannabrennand.com/
Ryean Campbell Phone: 306-581-3237
Email:    ryean@tmgregina.com
Website: http://mortgagesregina.ca/
Carrie Cardinal Phone: 306-721-4663
Email:    carrie@carriecardinal.com
Website: http://carriecardinal.com
Candice Carr Phone: (306)-531-6880
Email:    candice@candicecarr.ca
Website: http://https://www.candicecarr.ca/
Connie Chaulk Phone: 306-737-4740
Email:    connie.chaulk@mortgagegroup.com
Website: http://www.conniechaulk.ca
Margaret Clarke Phone: (306)-206-5432
TMG The Mortgage Group
Email:    margaret@wecanmortgage.com
Website: http://www.wecanmortgage.com
Sheri Deibert Phone: (306)-596-6470
TMG The Mortgage Group
Email:    sheri.deibert@mortgagegroup.com
Website: http://www.sherideibert.com
Jennifer Demchuk Phone: 306-529-4473
TMG The Mortgage Group
Email:    jennifer@tmgregina.com
Website: http://jenniferdemchuk.ca/
Dave Driver Phone: 306-527-3283
TMG The Mortgage Group
Email:    davedriver@mortgagegroup.com
Website: http://www.davedriver.ca
Skott Enns Phone: 306-201-6500
Email:    skott.enns@mortgagegroup.com
Website: http://www.skottenns.ca
Kim Evans Phone: 306-591-2047
TMG The Mortgage Group
Email:    kim.evans@mortgagegroup.com
Website: http://www.kimevans.ca
Jacqueline Fahlman Phone: 306-540-5637
Email:    fahlmanj@mortgagegroup.com
Website: http://www.jfahlman.ca
Dale Folk Phone: (306)-757-1344
TMG The Mortgage Group
Email:    dalef@mortgagegroup.com
Michael Garnier Phone: 306-580-1947
Email:    michael.garnier@mortgagegroup.com
Website: About Me
Sean Hale Phone: 306-537-4353
Email:    sean.hale@mortgagegroup.com
Website: http://skmortgages.ca/
Persona Hoehn Phone: 306-539-1839
Email:    persona.h@mortgagegroup.com
Website: About Me
Bud Jorgenson Phone: 306-477-4715
TMG The Mortgage Group
Email:    bud@mortgagegroup.com
Website: http://www.jointmg.com
Bonnie Kehler Phone: 306-535-5154
Email:    bkehler@mortgagegroup.com
Website: About Me
Todd Kristoff Phone: 306-529-5880
Email:    todd@tmgregina.com
Website: http://www.toddkristoff.com
Laurie Krueger Phone: 306-541-8002
Email:    lauriekrueger@sasktel.net
Website: http://www.lauriekrueger.com
Joel Kullman Phone: (306)-539-0105
Email:    joel@tmgregina.com
Website: http://joelkullman.com
Will Leach Phone: 306-537-3854
Email:    wmleach@mortgagegroup.com
Website: About Me
Cosby Luangchaleun Phone: (306)-596-7719
TMG The Mortgage Group
Email:    cosbyl@mortgagegroup.com
Website: About Me
Ryan Michell Phone: 1-306-591-4041
Email:    ryan.michell@mortgagegrp.com
Website: http://www.mytmgmortgage.com
Natasha Mohr Phone: (306)-541-7669
Email:    natasha@mohrmortgage.ca
Website: About Me
Atif Muhammad Phone: 306-551-2843
Email:    atif@mortgagegroup.com
Website: About Me
Elaine Nistor Phone: 306-631-4449
Email:    elaine.nistor@mortgagegroup.com
Website: About Me
Claire ODonnell Phone: 306-581-5111
Email:    claire.odonnell@mortgagegroup.com
Website: http://claireodonnelltmg.com
Sunny Patel Phone: 306-201-5637
Email:    sunny.patel@mortgagegroup.com
Website: http://https://www.sunnypatel.tmgbroker.com
Josh Rees Phone: 306-209-7483
TMG The Mortgage Group
Email:    joshrees@mortgagegroup.com
Website: http://www.TheMortgageGroupRegina.com
Riley Ruhr Phone: (306)-535-1887
TMG The Mortgage Group
Email:    rileyr@mortgagegroup.com
Website: http://www.skmortgagestoday.com
Steve Ryan Phone: 306-501-9085
Email:    Steve@tmgregina.com
Website: http://steveryanmortgage.com
Amanda Sabo Phone: 306-581-1553
Email:    amanda.sabo@mortgagegroup.com
Website: About Me
Deidre Schmeltzer Phone: 306-591-6590
Email:    deidre@mortgagegroup.com
Website: About Me
Rajbir Singh Phone: 306-515-0142
Email:    raj.singh@mortgagegroup.com
Website: About Me
Nicki Smith Phone: 306-550-5667
Email:    nicki.smith@mortgagegroup.com
Website: http://nickismith.tmgbroker.com
Shauna Weninger Phone: 306-570-2080
Email:    shauna@tmgregina.com
Website: http://swmortgage.ca
Lynda Wiens Phone: (306)-501-6847
TMG The Mortgage Group
Email:    lyndaw@mortgagegroup.com
Website: http://www.lyndawiens.com
Miles Zimbaluk Phone: 306-584-9280
TMG The Mortgage Group
Email:    milesz@mortgagegroup.com
Website: http://www.reginamortgagebroker.com/
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