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507-2679 Howard Avenue
Windsor, ON
N8X 3X2
Phone: 519.735.1003

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Phone: 855.279.1490
Fax: 855.279.1491

Areas I Cover
 Kent Counties

Joel Katz


As a Mortgage Group Professional, I offer one-stop convenience and impartial advice. I have been a licensed Mortgage Broker since 1994. I specialize in PRIVATE LENDING.

In today's market, it is becoming increasingly difficult to get loan/mortgage approvals.
  • If you have equity in your home, it may be easier than you think to get approved.
  • If you have had credit problems in the past... I can help.
  • If you are looking to buy a 2nd property, did you know you can use the equity in your home to help secure additional funds!
  • If you have had a recent change in Employment/less than 12 months on the job - I can help.
  • If you have had to declare bankruptcy previously - but now you are looking to re-establish credit, I CAN SHOW YOU HOW.
  • If you want to do that dream RENOVATION to your home, but the bank said no... call me!
  • You may have more borrowing power than you think.

Call me anytime to discuss your current situation, information is always free, so, Feel Free to call,
Joel Katz,
Mortgage Broker

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