Contact Information
113 Holland Street
Bradford, ON
L3Z 2B7
Phone: 416-671-3861

Toll Free Number(s)
Phone: 866.585.6142
Fax: 866.584.8722

Areas I Cover
 Richmond Hill

Iftikhar Ahmad

As a Mortgage Group Agent, I offer one-stop convenience and impartial advice. Different financial Institutions and Lenders offer a wide range of mortgage rates, terms, and conditions. By shopping wisely, I can find the mortgage that best suits your financial needs.

As your Mortgage Group Agent I will help you understand how different rates, terms and conditions can affect the lifetime cost of your home, your monthly payments and financial flexibility . By presenting your requirements to a variety of Canada's major Lenders, your mortgage can be secured at lower than advertised rates, usually within hours and most often free of charge (oac)

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