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You were always reassuring and knowledgeable - with a sense of humour and wise insight that we have come to call the "Kelly Way" ... You were right there to guide us all the way down the path.
Samantha and Jeremy
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Your first home - what an exciting time! A milestone you'll always remember. So why not make it fun and memorable by working with a Mortgage Agent that saves you time and money.

At TMG The Mortgage Group we add to the excitement, not the stress with our No Sweat Guarantee. We make it our business to understand your unique needs and match you with financing solutions that make sense. Our qualified and accredited Mortgage Agents assess your needs and act in your best interests, representing you as the go-between with lenders.

And in the majority of cases, we're paid by lending institutions so there's no cost to you.

But first, you probably have a lot of questions which is why we recommend getting up to speed on the mortgage process with our Mortgage 101 Videos for interesting information on financing your new home.

The next step is to help you understand what you can comfortably afford to borrow by arranging a Pre-Approved Mortgage, guaranteed for 120-days. Not only does a Pre-Approved Mortgage provide clarity while you house-hunt, it's peace-of-mind on an interest rate that will not increase. And in the fortunate event that rates decrease, TMG will ensure you benefit.

Your TMG Mortgage Agent will provide a no-obligation, Pre-Approved Mortgage for you at no cost. Simply call and set up an appointment that's convenient for you so we can get started on your mortgage application.

TMG has helped a quarter million Canadians just like you, earning a respected reputation with lenders and clients as award-winning, leading-edge mortgage experts.

Want more information? Check out our Mortgage 101 Videos.

Ready to get started? Locate a TMG Mortgage Agent in your area today.

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